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Thread: Where can I find someone to proofread my dissertation?

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    Where can I find someone to proofread my dissertation?

    Hi friends,
    I'm lookinf for some professional assistance. I an not really good at writing but thank God I've done my dissertation. right now I need to find someone who can proofread it for me. My friend told me to check the reviews of online writing services. I've found Supreme essay and Prime Writings. Have you ever used them? WHta should i choose?
    I'm waiting for your responses.
    Thank a lot.

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    Havan't used the sites mentioned above. But in principle I have experience with such services. And different impressions they left on my mind...
    What can I really advice is one of the most reliable services I used when I wanted someone to write my essay for cheap. Yes, for cheap! I did not expect I would get great result for affordable rates. And they provide proofreading as well, even for dissertations.
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    thank's for your answer. I've checked the site you've mentioned above but, you know, I am very suspicious to this service. But, anyway, Supreme essay guys have already proofread that for me. Those guys have written a resume for my mate, and he was totally satisfied with it. So I've decided to place my order there. And I was pretty surprised that such services can be reliable. From mt own experience, I know that sometimes we can receive nothing instead of a high-quality paper. So I would recommend you to check Supreme essay site, too. Try to compare their pros and cons.
    Thank's for your time and good luck!

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    At leasr I did not have any problems with CraftMyEssay. Anyway, the best way to check is personal experience, as you may find different reviews for different services.

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    I can agree with you. Personal experience is the best proof.
    All the best!
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    I can work on all your work and proofread your dissertations.

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    What kind of service are you offering?
    I don't trust different online proofreaders like you. I use only checked services. What is your official webpage?

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    Only go for someone who's background you can check for these type of things.