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Thread: International Technological University - San Jose - USA

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    International Technological University - San Jose - USA

    First Semester Internship at International Technological University - San Jose

    Getting hands-on experience while attending school is a great way to do your graduate education and earning a bit while doing it is always a bonus.
    ITU is a graduate university where the curriculum is geared towards practical learning. In contrast to other universities which only offer internships to students after one year, students at ITU get the unique opportunity to do internships starting from first semester (according to SEVP government regulations, a student can do an internship in the first semester if it's an integral part of their studies).
    In order to be eligible for internships, international students must have the following qualifications:
    F-1 status
    3.0 GPA in academic standing
    Internship offer letters related to their studies each semester
    In order to participate in internships, students at ITU must fulfill the following requirements with no exceptions:
    +70% class attendance
    3.0 & above GPA
    On-time submission of assignments and coursework
    ITU offers flexible night and weekend classes, making it easy to manage a busy schedule while you are doing your internship during the week.

    For more information, please contact:
    + 1 (888) 488-4968
    355 W. San Fernando St.
    San Jose, CA 95113
    Or visit

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    awesome thank you for sharing this..