Infrastructure has a lot of influence on youngsters when they make the decision of choosing a particular university. GLA empowers its students to realize their exact worth by providing a proper infrastructure. It has Lush Green Vast Campus,Emblematic Architecture, wifi- enabled Smart Classrooms, Labs and Workshop, libraries,Auditorium and various recreational facilities including Playgrounds, Gymnasium,Tracks and Courts, residential facilities, transport and parking, health care facilities, ATM's,Security and Safety. The University provides magnificent residential facilities offering a comprehensive range of facilities within the University campus, separately for boys and girls. Since most of the students move away from their homes for the first time, the university strives to make the transition as smooth as possible by providing comfortable, safe and homely set-up within the campus. All the rooms have been designed to provide adequate moving space and ample air and light. GLA believes in overall growth of its students. Therefore it offers innumerable extra-curricular facilities and provides varied platforms for students to learn, practice, amuse, enjoy, perform, compete and fruitfully utilize their time.