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Thread: Women Murdered for not accepting love!

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    Women Murdered for not accepting love!

    A 21-year-old young man along with his brother and his terror friends furiously kidnapped a teenaged girl near her house and murdered her.

    Ravi Kumar is the leader! , his brother Rahul and his friend Vinod were arrested yesterday for their involvement in kidnapping and murdering a the 18-year-old girl, police said here today.

    The girl, a resident of Qutab Vihar colony in south-west Delhi, was kidnapped by the guys on February 9 while she was returning home with two other girls of same institution.

    The police spotted the car used in the crime in Dwarka yesterday area and they arrested one of its occupants.

    On sustained interrogation, Rahul confessed about his involvement in the case. Acting on his tip-off, Ravi and Vinod were also arrested.

    "During interrogation, Ravi told police that he, his brother Rahul and His friend Vinod were interested in the girl. He had made a proposal the girl which she had rejected," a senior police official said.

    Having felt humiliated at the rejection, the three on February 9 drove towards Qutab Vihar in the car and parked it on an corner stretch of the road.

    "As soon as the girls came, they overtook them and dragged the concern girl into the car and sped off.They took the girl to Karawara village in Haryana and killed her and dumped the body in a mustard field," the official said.

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    There are so many such news we hear and read everyday. I don't know how can someone be so brutal. People lose their patience so easily. This is really sad.

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    This is really a violent and some kind of inhumanity actions.If you can't love someone by women, then just accept it. Learn on how to move forward and and learn how to accept. Things like this is really happening. There is a lots of girls out there who will accept of who you are. It is not the end of the world. There is plenty of girls not only on your place but also outside the country. Try to find a better girl for you.

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    I don't know why some people consider these things as a solution,after got rejected by someone moreover they are spoiling own's life too. Foolishly they take such type of steps and got partners also,instead of giving them right direction they too get involved in this.

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