This incident happened at Hanogi in Mandi district of Himachal, about 180 Km from Shimla.

No vehicles were able to pass-by and hundreds of vehicles got stuck on the opposite side while returning from the hill. The traffic police and other district officials diverted the traffic via Bajaura-Kotla road.

"Huge boulders suddenly started rolling down and within minutes the entire hill-lock came down sliding but fortunately no vehicle was crossing the road at that point of time and as such there was no loss of human life," said state Public Works Department (PWD) Department.

The landslide covered an area of 150 mts length of the road and huge mound of earth and rocks fell in river Beas, Superintending Engineer, Nag said. Four JCB and heavy earth moving machineries have been deployed to clear the blockade but normal traffic was unlikely to be resumed on Monday.

The real reason for the landslide is still unknown. The video is attached below.