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Thread: Pay EB bill online - TNEB payment

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    Pay EB bill online - TNEB payment

    To pay your Electricity Bill online, Go to :; and enter your username, password

    If you haven't registered online, go to - You need Customer Number

    1. Select the house details

    2. you can see the amount details . Select the payment method - Debit Card/Net banking

    (choose the gateway which has less fees)

    3. Mark I agree check box

    You will be redirected to respective Payment gateway. Enter the debit card or Net banking details. Transaction is completed in few minutes.

    Note: If you are using VISA ELECTRON debit card, you need to know Verified by Visa(VBV) password. VBV is an additional step to secure your payment. Contact your bank to set up VBV password.
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    The website is operated and managed by Tamil Nadu Government .
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    Video tutorials -

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