Recently in Mumbai, A Local Person received a missed call from an 12 digit number during the midnight,
He observed that number had a international code of +92 which doesn't exist.

A 20 second call pulled off 40 rupees from his mobile prepaid account. These kinda occasions are occurring frequently only in India.
Few of the Pakistanis and Few Mumbai Call Center Fame Workers have targeted the Indians for this job and have already earned a huge sum of money through this work.

BSNL Mobile network users have ranked first in getting abused by these people. Cyber Crime Head Quarters have already set to track these people to know more about this SMS & CALL Abuse later on the year 2011. All network carriers have already adviced the users not to attend any of the calls or to reply to the calls and messages since they're fake and may cost you a huge sum of money loss .

So Collgers please be aware of this and spread this message to all that they may not get tangled to this mess.

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