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Thread: Business analytics certification courses in India

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    Business analytics certification courses in India

    The term and use of big data is nothing new. In fact, more and morecompanies are beginning to utilize big data and associated analysisapproaches as a way to gain information to better support theircompany and serve their customers. Business analytics, or BA, is animportant component of most successful modern businesses. However,the definition of this term can be rather ambiguous, and isconstantly changing. There are many businessanalytics certification courses availablethroughout India. As such, companies use business intelligence todetect significant events and identify/monitor business trends inorder to adapt quickly to the ever changing environment.

    Challenges in business analytics certification
    A combination of lingering tough economic conditions and increasedcompetition makes today’s customers more price-sensitive and lessbrand-loyal. In years past, midsize businesses could plan forseasonal peaks and identify long–‐term trends. Now, social mediacan instantly alter market and sales projections. Compounding thesechallenges is the enormous and ever-expanding amount of data thatmust be quickly, effectively, and securely managed – a costly andtime-consuming challenge for a business of any size. Businessanalytics certification will make you ready to tackle all thesechallenges at the go.

    Benefits of business analytics certification course
    It helps improve the decision making process by speeding things up.It helps better strategy alignment by keeping things cost efficient.It responds to user need for availability of data on timely basis.With detailed insights into business performance, organizations caneasily see where they need to make changes to streamline operations.Businessanalytics certification course has manysuch benefits for the organization. Business intelligence softwarecan give users greater insight into manufacturing costs and theability to adjust production on the fly for greater profitability.Armed with the ability to quantify, communicate, deliver and measurethe value they create, these modern day magicians understand thatstatistical expertise alone is not enough.

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    Its a great news for MBA students..............

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    A principal destroyed my career

    A principal destroyed my career

    I want all students to know my story...

    I studied BSc from Pandu College, Guwahati (Assam) from 1999 to 2003 and passed out in 2nd class with physics hons. After that I started to work in a private concern and did hard work to get a Govt. Job. I think maximum students do the same.

    After many hard works I managed to pass the RRB exam and finally selected as a Goods Guard in N.F.Railway in 2015.
    In the selection process Railway handed me a format which is to be signed by the Principal of the Institution where candidate studied last. According I approached the Principal Mr Bhubaneswar Bora in a happy mood. I told him the status of my selection process.
    I thought he will be happy too as one his student was selected in such a good career. On the contrary he told me that He is not going to sign in any format rather I should apply a character certificate in similar process as students do and I will get the certificate as per rule.
    My colleagues got their format signed by their Principal. Only I was there whose format was refused.
    Railway kept my candidature on HOLD and after a few days MY CANDIDATURE WAS REJECTED. I CAME BACK HOME IN EMPTY HANDED. MY CAREER WAS RUINED. BUT MY PRINCIPAL IS HAPPY AS HIS EGO WAS ACHIEVED.So, Friends be careful…after all it’s a matter of your Future...