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Thread: What is LiFi? Will we bid farewell to WiFi sooner? Things you need to know.

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    What is LiFi? Will we bid farewell to WiFi sooner? Things you need to know.

    Get ready to bid farewell to WiFi very soon! LiFi is almost here and testing it proves that it is 100 times faster than the average WiFi we use today.

    Things are getting changed every once in a while to par with our increasing requirements. Internet is not at all a exclusion in this case. While LAN did the job for the longest time, the world has now moved on to Wi-Fi. It frees you from the desk and gives you the freedom one never thought would be possible.

    Remember this word - 'Li-Fi'? it's going to be used very often soon enough. Li-Fi is a wireless technology that transmits high-speed (insanely high-speed) data using visible light communication, or VLC. So imagine a electric bulb in your room, it'll not only be a source of light, but will also transmit wireless internet to your phones and other devices.

    Some researchers from a New Delhi-listed company, Velmennihave announced that a newtechnology has been developed in Tallinn, Estonia. It could transmit information at a lightning fast speed of one gigabyte per second.
    This is a kind of optical wireless communications (OWC) system, which uses LED lights a medium to deliver high-speed communication.
    Checkout a TED Talk video about LiFi here,

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