Using Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) to browse the web? Your IQ score is likely to be lower than someone using Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.


A new study published by online psychometric testing company AptiQuant Psychometric Consulting Co. has found that a user's choice of web browser is related to their cognitive ability.

"There was a clear indication...that the subjects using any version of Internet Explorer ranked significantly lower on an average than others," said Aptiquant. Out of all the IE versions, "subjects using IE 8 [fared] a little better."

People using Opera, Camino and IE with Chrome Frame scored slightly higher than their not-so-bright Internet Explorer-using friends, suggesting that people with a lower IQ "tend to resist a change/upgrade of their browsers."

"There was no significant difference in the IQ scores between individuals using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple's Safari; however, it was on an average higher than IE users," said Apitiquant.

More than 100,000 people in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand took the online Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (IV) test in the space of four weeks and their IQ scores were correlated with their browser choice for the study.

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