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Thread: Get free credits in Skype using coupon - hotspotshield

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    Get free credits in Skype using coupon - hotspotshield

    Skype is one of the popular online service to make calls from PC to PC, PC to Mobile/Landline, Send SMS to Mobile at cheap rate. The call rate to foreign countries starts at 2.6 cents (approx. Rs 1.25)

    In this post, I will show how you can redeem €1.02 (EURO) coupon for free. You can apply these €1.02 coupon unlimited number of times provided you have some Technical knowledge or a good Googler :D

    1. Install HotSpotShield software in your PC/Mac. It has free and paid proxy service. For this tutorial, free service is enough. Link : - *Linux distro is not supported*

    2. After installing, launch the software and connect to the Hotspot network.

    3. Go to and click Get coupon. You will get a coupon code such as AB9CAFAWDM87JT9D

    4. Go to and enter the Coupon.

    I have two OS(XP and Windows 7) and got two coupons by following this tutorial. €2.04 credited in my account.

    By installing OS in Virtual machine, you can get number of Coupons and redeem them in your account.

    If you have any doubts, feel free to reply below. Do share/Like on facebook.
    Welcome to Collegers.Net !

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