Step by step procedure to setup 3G router to use BSNL 3G dongle device and share internet with many PC/Mobiles

1) To configure, connect a LAN cable after powering up the router ( for first time alone )

2) Enter

3) Login as 'admin' user. There is no password set in most of the routers. (Some routers may have 'admin' or 'password' as default password)

4) In the Setup section, The Internet connection configurations are to be done as follows.

  • My internet connection is: 3G
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Dialled Number: *99#
  • Authentication: Auto
  • APN: bsnlnet

5) Reconnect mode: Auto < You might want this to be set to auto, otherwise it is a pain to login at the router management page again, and at the status page, click to Connect >

Leave rest of the configuration empty, or at their default values.