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Thread: Management Guest Inspire Series @ BIBS – What it takes to succeed in the corporate world

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    Management Guest Inspire Series @ BIBS – What it takes to succeed in the corporate world

    Bengal Institute of Business Studies witnessed another engaging episode of Management Guest Inspired Series unfold when some of the brightest minds from the leading corporate houses met at Birla Academy of Art & Culture. Building a strong corporate academic interface has always been an endeavour at BIBS and MGIS is the reflection of this initiative. This time, the session focused on ‘what it takes to succeed in corporate world’.
    The panellists included some of the noted names of India Inc such as Mr. Arnab Kumar De Sarkar, Assistant Vice president, Kotak Securities and Mr. Arnab Kumar Basu , Senior Manager H.R. , Reliance Industries Limited (Apparel).
    Mr. Vidur Kapoor, chairperson, BIBS was the moderator of the session. This event provided an opportunity to the students to derive first hand information on what it takes to sustain and establish a stable career in the highly competitive corporate environment.
    The session opened with Mr. Arnab Kumar De Sarkar “follow your passion and rest of things will fall in place. Failures are inevitable but the attitude of not giving up is the vital key to success”. Mr. Arnab Kumar Basu said,”what others consider to be your weakness might be the strength for you”. Throughout the event, several questions were asked by the students to the eminent guests and they answered each of them carefully.
    Undoubtedly, knowledge, skills and attitude are the key things that drive our growth in an organization. But both the dignitaries agreed that while knowledge and skills can be acquired moving along, attitude is something that is ingrained within us and hard to be worked upon. With the proper training and right attitude, an individual can create wonders and on the other hand, a negative attitude can call for undesired consequences.
    While most of us have a perception that attrition rate in companies dealing with financial products and services is high, Mr. Arnab Kumar De Sarkar has spent about a decade with Kotak Securities and that actually proves the perception wrong. He citing his own example said “culture, loyalty, agreement of trust & understanding of the organisation are his secrets to being in an organisation for such a long time”.
    Changing jobs is not a wrong thing fundamentally, but he insisted that one should be careful in doing so. It needs to be ensured that the new job will be an upward movement in learning curve. The monetary benefit shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor.
    Both the guests stressed on the importance of reading newspaper and shared with us that knowing about the world around you is as important as knowing yourself.
    The session was a learning experience for all of us. Being students, most of our time is spent inside classrooms learning lot of concepts and theories. Such sessions provide the link between theories and their applications” – Sreya Ghosh, MBA Marketing .
    India is the country having the highest attrition rate however, this session has rather made me develop an optimistic view towards the statistic. I would try to keep all the points in mind, discussed during this session so as to drive employee commitment in my organisation when I start working.” – Sneha Kundu, MBA HR .

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    These are the reasons behind success and one can get success by following management rules and guide, management is all about planning and organizing the organization resources in an effective manner.

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