Mr. Sunil Agarwal, HR Head of Airtel, Kolkata, Bengal and Orissa circles addressed the students of BIBS. He gave us a brief overview on how the telecom industry works while explaining various career opportunities that it offers to MBA grads. Throughout his versatile career span, he has worked in various sectors and different organizations. However, he was of the opinion that, “every second in telecom or ICT (Information and Communication Technology) company means a change which is not the case with any other industry”.
In his words, “India is currently the most competitive market in the world leading to tariff wars, no other nation can boost of such rock bottom tariffs”. India is a vast country with a high population which means there are a lot of potential and sense of excitement in this market. He stressed upon how Airtel is bringing about constant change in the market and penetrating more into the rural base. In the urban market, while it has matured, fresh additions are stable and so the company’s focus is more on data. With the growing base of Smartphone users, people are not limiting their mobiles to calling and instead going for more and more data usage. Thus, new revenue streams have opened up for Airtel and other telecom companies in general. In this context he shared with us, as Airtel is the only telecom operator in India offering 4G services as of now, it enjoys monopoly over pricing.
The session with Mr. Agarwal was highly motivating as well as informative for all of us. With Bharti Airtel being the muti- product company, the brand has shifted from being simply a telecom company to being a lifestyle one. The company has the capability of connecting our houses with every possible digital medium possible, some way or the other.
Mr. Agarwal, insisting on the importance of learning said,“learning is a continuous process which will never stop as the knowledge is practically unlimited. So, it has to been everyday as a practice.”
Highly acknowledged for superior network coverage all across India, Airtel has been the pioneer in many ways and it’s due to the sweat of the team working behind it. I absolutely admire the brand and so, the session was highly motivating for me” – Abhishek Debnath, MBA Maketing
My interest towards the ICT sector has enhanced further after hearing from the market leader. The entire session was highly inspiring and educating. Indeed, no other sector can boost of such uniqueness” – Kishor Shankar Banerjee, MBA Marketing

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