As a latest trend in business management, the spotlight is on degrees in the much-talked-about big data, which equip graduates to distill huge data sets into valuable B2B or B2C insights for organizations. Although there are plenty of talented ‘data’ people and plenty of the talented ‘business’ people; those who can do both are extraordinarily valuable to a company. Success on ‘big data’ projects requires a thorough understanding of the problem, developing the right questions, harnessing the appropriate data to answer those questions and clearly communicating the solution to target audience.

Popularity of the course: Across the globe, a number of institutes are offering courses in Business Analytics. In fact, so much is the popularity, that it is being deemed that Business analytics is determining the winners and losers in most industries. Many global companies have built their entire business model around analytics. Companies are seeing the big picture and potential, and are thus scouting for talent to integrate business analytics into their business strategy. The whole explosion in the amount, velocity, types and sources of data is mind-boggling. This is all real-time data from mobile devices, social networks, data sensors etc. Management graduates are drawn to the study business analytics course because of the career edge they can foresee.