You must be quite shocked after reading the title and like to know what i exactly mean here as "Millions of Ruppees paid to certain SCAMSTERS and that money never comes underTAX".
I recently saw one great Scam method working pretty well that uses Engineering, Arts and Science College, Diploma Students across Tamilnadu. May be across India, but i am seriously worried to see that some of my students and friends also fall for such scams and being cheated.

International Conferences SCAM:
While doing engineering, it is important to collect various Seminar, Paper Presentation, IEEE and other International conference certificates which will increase the job opportunity chances when we stand in the interview row. Thats what our students been taught till date by staffs and hod's. Thats true, but thats where the problem starts.

Based on my experience i have seen a guy who just completed his degree last year claiming, that he owns an foundation that conducts International Conferences on various technologies. People are going crazy like anything and paying 5k and more for registration. It was a complete private body where any one can host such events easily by calling some international authorities (privately) and making them to present a title which they are expert in. There are so many other things there that decides whether the international conference is rightly conducted or not. You must always get advise from people who have idea about such foundations, organizations conducting the conferences.

There are so many new start up organizations and foundations (even you can start one if you can show your home as the place for your office and ready to pay some where less than Rs 1000).

So dont fall for such scams quickly when such people come and advertise about their plans of conducting conferences.Even though it is 1000 or 1500 its not a small money in todays economy. They start with such low fee for their conferences and increase it once they conducted couple of conferences and added it to their portfolio. All you will get is a Pen Drive, School Bag or Water Bottle with a Certification of Participation.Companies never look your past these days. They have changed their way of recruitments long ago. WAKE UP.. these scammers are trying to FOOL YOU Guys with the same old fashioned Interview Threats and Fears exist within everyone of you.

What is Benefit for them ? Just Money ?

Absolutely Yes, the money stands first. But imagine if they can generate some lacs in single conference as they can pull the thousands of people with the Communication Talents ?? That will really let them generate huge money and shockingly, the entire fund goes to their bank accounts where they dont pay even single paisa as TAX in 99% case.

So What you should do then ?

Simple, just dont blindly put papers in conferences just to show off you have so many number of certificates in hand. Its about the Talents and Quality of the Team conducting the conference. Go for Yearly once TCS, CTS conferences where Microsoft, IBM and so many companies join in to conduct such mega event.

Dont Blindly See the College Names and Attend the Conference !

That is one big mistake people do naturally. Who knows ? even the team conducting the conference may use the College name as shield in many cases. You know how Symposium related events take place. THINK !

All i am trying to say here is, Save your Money for your Tomorrow ! Dont Trust People with the way they Speak on Stage ! Open your eyes and Trust No One like you do in Internet Jungle. Including ME ! All the Best for your upcoming Placements and Opportunities. KEEP WORKING HARD !

Written by a Blogger : Robin Son

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